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CAP Acronyms

A1C Airman First Class ICP Incident Command Post
AB Airman Basic ICS Incident Command System
ACSC Air Command and Staff College ICSS Incident Command System School
ADIS Aerial Digital Imaging System Operator ICUT Introductory Communications User Training
AE Aerospace Education IG Inspector General
AEM Aerospace Education Member ISR Intra-Squad Radio
AEO Aerospace Education Officer IT Information Technology
AEX Aerospace Education Excellence Program JA Legal Officer
AFA Air Force Association LAT Latitude
AFB Air Force Base LG Logistics Officer
AFRCC Air Force Rescue Coordination Center LGM A/C Maintenance Officer
AGH Aircraft Ground Handling LGS Supply Officer
AMN Airman LGT Transportation Officer
ANGB Air National Guard Base LMS Learning Management System
AO Area of Operations LO Liaison Officer
AOBD Air Operations Branch Director LON Longitude
AP Airborne Photographer LSC Logistics Section Chief
ARCHER Airborne Real-time Cueing Hype rspectral Enhanced Reconnaissance LT Lieutenant
BIC Basic Instructor Course LTCOL Lieutenant Colonel
CAC Cadet Advisory Council MAJ Major
CAP Civil Air Patrol MAS Mission Aircrew School
CAPF Civil Air Patrol Form MC Mission Chaplain
CAPID Civil Air Patrol Identification Number MFC Mountain Flying Certification
CAPP Civil Air Patrol Pamphlet MFR Memo For the Record
CAPR Civil Air Patrol Regulation MO Mission Observer
CAPT Captain MOU Memorandum of Understanding
CC Commander MP Mission Pilot
CCC Command Chief Master Sergeant MRO Mission Radio Operator
CCF First Sergeant MS Mission Scanner
CD Counter Drug MSA Mission Staff Assistant
CD Deputy Commander MSGT Master Sergeant
CDC Deputy Commander for Cadets MSO Mission Safety Officer
CDI Character Development Instructor MSR Member Search Report
CDS Deputy Commander for Seniors NCO Non-Commisioned Officer
CERT Community Emergency Response Team NCOA Non-Commisioned Officer Academy
CHA Cadet Honor Academy NCS National Staff College
CISM Critical Incident Stress Management NCSA National Cadet Special Activities
CLC Corporate Learning Course NDP Non-Discrimination Policy
CMSGT Chief Master Sergeant MER Middle East Region
CO Chief Operating Officer (NHQ only) NESA National Emergency Services Academy
COL Colonel NHQ National Headquarters
CP Director of Cadet Programs NIMS National Incident Management System
CPPT Cadet Protection Policy Training NOC National Operations Center
CS Chief of Staff NTC National Technology Center
CUL Communitations Unit Leader OBC Officer Basic Course
CY Calendar Year O-FLIGHT Cadet Orientation Flight
CV Vice Commander OPSEC Operational Security
DA Director of Administration /Administration Officer ORM Operational Risk Management
DC Director of Communications /Communications Officer ORMS Operational Resource Management System
DDR Drug Demand Reduction OSC Operations Section Chief
DF Direction Finding PAO Public Affairs Officer
DO Director of Operations/Operations Officer PD Professional Development
DOC Counterdrug Officer PDO Professional Development Officer
DOH Homeland Security Officer PDR Professional Development Report
DOS Emergency Services Officer PIO Public Information Officer
DOV Standardization/Evaluation Officer PM Public Awareness (NHQ only)
DP Director of Personnel/Personne Officer PMM Membership Services (NHQ only)
DR Disaster Relief PSC Planning Section Chief
ED Educational Programs (NHQ only) RCLS Regional Cadet Leadership School
ELT Emergency Locator Transmitter RCS Regional Staff College
EMA Emergency Management Agency RTB Return to Base
EO Equal Opportunity SAR Search And Rescue
EOC Emergency Operations Center SAREVAL Search and Rescue Evaluation
EPIRB Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon SAREX Search And Rescue Exercise
ES Emergency Services SE Safety Officer
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival SFO Senior Flight Officer
ETE Estimated Time Enroute SGT Sergeant
ETD Estimated Time of Departure SLS Squadron Leadership School
FAA Federal Aviation Administration SM Senior Member
FAR Federal Aviation Regulations SMS Safety Management System
FASC Finance/Administration Section Chief SMSGT Senior Master Sergeant
FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency SPC National Inland Search and Rescue Planning Course
FLIR Forward Looking Infra-Red SQTR Specialty Qualification Training Records
FLM Flight Line Marshaller SRA Senior Airman
FLS Flight Line Supervisor SSGT Staff Sergeant
FM Finance Officer STEM Science Technology Engineering Math
FO Flight Officer TFO Technical Flight Officer
FRO Flight Release Officer TLC Training Leaders of Cadets
FY Fiscal Year TMP Transport Mission Pilot
GBD Ground Branch Director TMP Transport Mission Pilot
GC General Counsel (NHQ only) TOP Teacher Orientation Flight Program
GCOE Glider Center Of Excellence TRAINEX Training Exercise
GEN General TSGT Technical Sergeant
GES General Emergency Services UCC Unit Commanders Course
GPS Global Positioning System UDF Urban Direction Finding
GR Government Relations Advisor USAF United States Air Force
GSAR Ground Search and Rescue VAWG Virginia Wing – Civil Air Patrol
GTL Ground Team Leader VDEM Virginia Dept. of Emergency Mgmt.
GTM Ground Team Member VHF Very High Frequency
HC Chaplain WA Wing Administrator (NHQ employee)
HF/ALE High Frequency Automatic Link Establishment WAA Wreaths Across America
HO Historian WMIRS Web Mission Information Reporting System
HS Health Services Officer WS Water Survival
IACE International Air Cadet Exchange WX Weather
IAW In Accordance With WCX Weather Cancellation
IC Incident Commander    
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