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Cadet Staff

TX-441 Composite Squadron Cadet Staff

C/2nd Lt. Roberts

Lieutenant Roberts is currently serving as the Cadet Commander for the Granbury Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol. Cadet Roberts joined Civil Air Patrol in March of 2021 and has been a part of the cadet staff since November of 2021. He is a homeschooled Sophomore who enjoys all things aviation-related and hopes to pursue a career as an aerospace engineer. In addition to his involvement in CAP, cadet Roberts is an active member of Grace Community Church and the Institute for Cultural Communicators.


C/2nd Lt. Moris

Cadet 2nd Lt Isaac Moris currently serves as both the Safety Officer and IT Officer for the Granbury TX-441 Composite Squadron. Cadet Moris joined CAP in November 2020, joined the Cadet Staff in October 2021, graduated from NCOS in March of 2022, staffed the TX Wing ALS in September 2022, and will staff ALS in March 2022 as a Flight Commander. In 2021, Cadet Moris was recognized as Cadet of the Year for his squadron. He is a homeschooled sophomore who loves aviation, aerospace, and engineering. In addition to CAP, he is active in Team Policy Debate, 4-H Shooting Sports, and plays the bass and percussion for his church youth band.


C/CMSgt Gjone

C/CSMsgt Gjone is currently the First Sergeant for the Granbury Composite Squadron.  Cadet Gjone joined the Civil Air Patrol in July of 2019 and has been part of the cadet staff since September of 2021.  He attends Grace Classical Christian Academy and is a junior who enjoys sports and hopes to purse a career as a pilot or lawyer.  As well as being an active member in CAP, he does jujitsu twice a week, tennis once a week, mock trial once a week, works at Chick-fil-A , and is an active member of Lakeside Baptist Church.


C/CMSgt M Davis

C/CMSgt Max Davis is currently the Alpha Flight Sergeant for Granbury Composite Squadron He joined the squadron in June 2019. He has been on staff for over a year. Chief Davis attended an encampment in 2020, as well as an NCOA in 2021 and an SNCOA in 2022. He was also the cadet off the month in October 2022. Davis is a homeschooled sophomore who loves anything related to cars and law inforcement. He is also involved in many extracurriculars: 4-H, which includes Shooting Sports, K9 and Kids, playing the piano since the age of 5, and learning the saxophone. Davis is a Texas 4-H Shooting Sports Ambassador and an active member of Granbury Baptist Church.


C/MSgt Cullop

C/MSgt Cullop is currently the Logistics NCO for Granbury Composite Squadron. Cadet Cullop joined CAP in October of 2021 and has been a part of cadet staff since May of 2022. She is a freshman in high school and attends Lakeside Baptist Academy. She loves to swim and ride four wheelers, as well as anything related to military/aviation and has a passion for flying. She is also an active member in her youth at Triple Cross Cowboy Church. Her father has been in the military her whole life, so she and her family have lived in many different regions of the U.S. Cadet Cullop hopes to pursue a career as a fighter pilot in the United States Air Force.


C/TSgt Davenport

Technical Sergeant Davenport is currently the Personnel NCO for the Granbury Composite Squadron. Cadet Davenport joined Civil Air Patrol in 2019. He is a homeschooled junior who enjoys hunting, fishing, karate, welding, and shooting sports. He has done many CAP events such as attending an encampment, NCOS, an Alliance Air Show, Altus, helping at and attending a pancake breakfast fly-in, and participating in a SAREX. Sergeant Davenport also has 1 year of experience as a Flight Sergeant and 1 year of experience as the guidon bearer for the squadron. 


C/SSgt Hunton

C/SSgt Hunton is currently the IT NCO for the TX-441 Granbury Composite Squadron. Cadet Hunton joined the Civil Air Patrol in February of 2022 and joined the squadron staff in November of 2022. He is a home schooled sophomore who loves flying, all things computers, music, and doing things outdoors. He has been playing the piano for over ten years, and is also a part of the youth worship band at his church, Grace Community Church in Glen Rose. Cadet Hunton hopes to attend LeTourneau, an engineering and aviation college in Longview, TX, and to graduate in order to pursue a career as an electrical engineer and is currently working at the Granbury Chick-fil-A. 

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