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441st Events

Founders of the 441st Reunited

Two of the original four founders of the 441st were reunited in our March 7 special meeting.  Maj. Lee Brown was presented with a Life Time Achievement Award (see promotions and awards) and reunited with Capt. Gary Force for the first time in 21 years.  Maj. Brown and Capt. Force along with Jay Harden and Donald Anderson started the squadron back in 1999. Maj. had been a member and patron of the 441st since then.  Capt. Force had to depart the squadron in 2001 and rejoined the 411st in 2020.  "It was a really treat and pleasure to see Lee and his wife Kathy again after all this time.  We all worked really hard in those early years to keep the squadron alive.  And Lee contributed more than most.  It was terrific to see him get the award." said Capt. Force.



 March 7, 2022 Parent Information Meeting 

Please don't miss these events for all members, parents, family members and friends. We would also like to extend an invitation to any parents with children 12 and over to come see what we are about.  We are always looking for new senior members. You don't have to have prior military experience. Come out and see us. We look forward to seeing all of you. 441st Events





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Spring CTEP TXWG HQ 18-20 Mar 22 Leadership training for ALL cadets either as students or staff. For Information Click here
TXWG Summer Encampment TBD 16-26 Jun 22 Cross your fingers! TBD


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