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Wreaths Across America

Granbury Composite Squadron had a strong showing of cadets and seniors at the Wreaths Across America Ceremony in Acton Cemetary. We then went to Holly Hills Cemetary and placed extra wreaths on the veteran's graves there. Granbury Composite Squadron will be conducting the entire ceremony next year in Acton.

Color Guard at Wright Brothers Award Ceremony

The squadron color guard went out to a Wright Brothers Award ceremony. C/Capt Roberts, C/CMSgt Cullop, C/CMSgt Hunton, and C/SMSgt Davenport all went and performed well! Thanks go out to the four!

Granbury Composite Squadron Cadets Attend CTEP

Granbury Composite Squadron had 3 cadets attend three different CTEP schools.

  • C/Capt Moris graduated from Cadet Command Staff College

  • C/CMSgt Hunton graduated from Senior Non-Commissioned Officer School

  • C/MSgt Roberts graduated from Non-Commissioned Officer School.

Congratulations to the three!

Granbury Composite Squadron Cadets Graduate Group II Fall ALS

Granbury Composite Squadron had two cadets attend and graduate Group II Fall ALS.

  • C/Amn Simpson attended as a student

  • C/Amn Karnes attended as a student

Congratulations go to the two for their achievement! C/Amn Simpson also won Honor Cadet for Bravo Flight!


Granbury Composite Squadron Cadets Graduate and Staff Group VI Fall ALS 2311

Granbury Composite Squadron had 6 cadets staff Group VI ALS in September, and one cadet attended as a student.

  • Capt Roberts as an Instructor

  • Capt Moris on Quality Assurance

  • Chief Cullop on Logistics

  • Chief Hunton as Echo Flight Seargent

  • Chief Crowe as Foxtrot Flight Seargent

  • Seargent Roberts on Administration

  • C/A1C Albert attended as a student.

Our cadets won two awards at this ALS, with C/CMSgt Hunton's flight getting Warrior Flight, but most impressive is C/A1C Albert receiving the Honor Cadet Award over all of ALS. 


C/2Lt. Cooper Roberts Graduated from OTS.

Congratulations goes out to C/2Lt. Roberts for successfully completed the Officer Training School (OTS) this month. 

  OTS is the third school in the Cadet Training & Education Program.  OTS is a Texas Wing leadership school that introduces new cadet officers t their new role both at       their local squadron and activities (such as encampments).  Students learn how to effectively mange a small group of people, serve as a staff officer, and gather tools       to help them effectively plan and manage their squadron meeting.  The instruction given in class is coupled with team leadership projects and planning activities that       provide cadets a way to apply what they have learned during their training.









DAR presents Outstand Cadet  Award to 441st S/Msgt Roberts Cadet

by Capt. Gary Force, 441st PAO

Mrs. Harris and Mrs. Foote of The Elizabeth Crockett Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution  presented Cadet Roberts with the Outstanding Cadet Medal for his achievements, high personal standard  and contributions to the 441st. To add to the night the lady gave a pizza party for the unit very much enjoyed by all.  Many thanks from the 441st!















Just a quick thank you to the cadets that help with the aircraft wash Last Saturday!

by Capt. Gary Force, 441st PAO

We appreciate those you who were able to take the time to come out Saturday for the long over do bath for Julia Ann.  It looks nice now and I'm sure it's 10 pounds lighter.  Thanks again!  A few more pics on the slide show.








Sucessful SARX missions completed

by Capt. Gary Force, 441st PAO

This Saturday, March 26th the 441st senior member participated and the Group SARX staged out of Denton.  We flew 3 mission during the exercise, one ELT search and two aerial photo mission.  Not considering the fair amount turbulence, overall it was a good exercise not only for the flying but radio (MRO) training received.

March 2022 ALS/NCOS Great Experience for 441st Cadets

by Capt. Gary Force, 441st PAO

By all accounts this Group III ALS/NOCS held at Fort Wolters, Mineral Wells saw a strong turn out from several units in the area.  The primary purpose of ALS is to teach cadets leadership skills, drill, customs, and courtesies, and embrace the core values.  Training is geared toward airman cadets including airman basics. Also, this is an opportunity to improve proficiency and training of cadet and senior staff.


This event  provided cadets and seniors an opportunity to network with other CAP members across the Wing.  ALS taught  cadets leadership skills, drill, customs, and courtesies, and embrace the core values.  Non-commissioned Officer School (NCOS) was a hands on Leadership Laboratory of learning course designed to practice leadership skills necessary for the NCO. Practicum includes: conducting uniform inspections, leading Physical Fitness, learning to teach drill and ceremony/customs and courtesies, and small group leadership experience and practice.

The 441st had 8 of our cadets attend the schools:

NCOS Cadets:

Left to right:

C/SMSgt Isaac David Moris - NCOS was a fantastic experience that I would encourage all cadet NCOs to attend. The most enjoyable aspect of the weekend was doing drill, while the most instructive aspect was how to make a CAP environment both intense and fun. Another important takeaway was how to teach the Airmen under you well, so that they can learn how to be excellent Airmen and eventually NCOs.
C/SMSgt Cooper Roberts - Non-Commissioned Officer School 2022 was an overall amazing experience. We learned many great lessons ranging from customs and courtesies all the way to character development. The staff running the event were incredible and taught us numerous things to bring back to our squadron as well as setting an incredible example for us to follow. The event met and surpassed all my expectations for the weekend and I am definitely looking forward to attending more Civil Air Patrol camps and activities in the future.
C/MSgt Luke Magnus Gjone -  My experience was at a NCOS was outstanding, and would highly recommend this to all senior airman through C/CMsgt. It is a great hands on experience.
C/SSgt Tucker Ross Davenport - I have had the honor to attend NCOS and I am glad to tell my experiences.  I enjoyed the first evening, even though we were freezing. We pushed through and did to the rear for a hour and a half. until we could do it perfectly. Then we went to the barracks and went to bed. The next day was very exciting and enjoyable. We first did PT in the females barracks and we became very sore. We  then proceeded to do drill. Later that day we enjoyed lunch. We played volleyball and though we did not win, we had a lot of fun. Then we proceeded with another class,then dinner, then to drill and finally to the barracks for bed. Then the final day we had drill, then the graduation.  In all three days I enjoyed my time at NCOS, even when we were standing in the sun for 30-45 minutes.

ALS Cadets:

Left to right:

C/Amn Caeleb Wayne Gifford -
C/A1C Holly Katherine Cullop  -  I was told you would like to hear about my experience at ALS. So, my experience at ALS was amazing. I learned so much about becoming a leader.  They gave us a good understanding of how important customs and courtesies are, and how important it is to respect and acknowledge how CAP got started and how it is today. Doing drill was by far one of my favorite things. I was so happy when we were awarded honor flight. I would recommend ALS to all who are eligible to go! 
C/A1C Lily Provost - I really liked ALS because of the teamwork they made us do, and I really enjoyed working with the team and pumping them up at the volleyball game with the friends I made at my bunk! The experience makes you use your knowledge of listening and learning while people speak, like taking notes, being respectful of the person speaking and preparing for what might come.
I really liked doing drill and even improved on it and learned some new things!
The uniform class was really helpful, the staff and cadre were also very helpful and were open to questions and answered them very knowingly and helpful.
I also liked meeting new people from other squadrons and even met some new friends!
ALS also helped me to hustle and get moving in the morning when we had to get ready to go!
C/A1C E.Provost - In my experience with ALS I was a little nervous going into it but after a few hours of being there I had gotten more comfortable with where I was. Even though it was only for a weekend it was very helpful and educational. And on the last day I was pleased with the page of comments made from my Flight Commander and Flight Sargent from each day. I got to learn about what they were happy with in my behavior and what I could improve on in the future. Overall it was a good weekend of opening up my knowledge of ranks, customs and courtesies, and the cadet uniform it was also a weekend of getting to know the cadets from other squadrons. Getting to know how other squadrons may do things differently was an interesting thing to have the opportunity of doing.


441st is in the News

by Capt. Gary Force, 441st PAO, Mar 5, 2022

The Hood County News has taken an interested in the 441st.   We had our 1st article publish in the the Feb 26, 2022 edition.  They were kind enough to lead the story on the front page.  In case you missed it,here's the article: Note: One minor mistake in the article. He referred to the March 7 meeting as an open house.  This is not correct. This is a regular meeting but with open invitations to parents, friends and anyone interested in CAP.  We are in the initial stages of planning an open house probably in late April or early May.  We'll keep everyone posted on that.

What this means for us.  Foremost, it tells the community we're here.  Very few folks in the Granbury area knew of our existent until now.  So, let's don't  fall back into the blackhole.  Cadets and seniors talk to people and local organizations. Let them know what we do and how important our missions are to the community, USAF, FEMA and homeland security. Second, as just as important HCN is willing to support us and publish additional stories.  That puts the ball in our court to accomplish things that are news worthy.  I would like to be able to provide them with an interesting story each month.  So take a lot of pictures, upload them to the cap share folder and let me know if you have any ideas might turn into a good story.

Phase I restrictions have been lifted! 

by Capt. Gary Force, 441st PAO

All in person meetings are back on!  See you there!!!

Phase I COVID-19 restrictions back in play

by Capt. Gary Force, 441st PAO

Unfortunately due to the increase cases of the new variant of Covid-19 National has put us back in Phase I.  Please check this website and watch emails for more information.  We will be working on a plan to continue as many planned actives as possible.

Drone Away! UAS4STEM Drone Challenge Demonstration

by Capt. Gary Force, 441st PAO

As a preview of the 441st  Cadet Drone Project due to start in the near future the 441st hosted CAP 1st Lt. Michael Kappas from Austin to give an demonstration of the Tello Drone and software.

The demonstration include indoors flights of the Tello Drones and a demonstration of one flight along with a display of the associated programming   Included in his presentation was demonstration of the Arduino Uno. The Arduino Uno is a micro controller that comes with C.A.P.'s 30 Days Lost in Space kit. Arduino Uno kit demonstrated comes with a temperature sensor, light sensor, and servo motor.

He also included an overview how Describing & a display software such as Mission Planner & QGroundControl, that C.A.P. uses to fly drones in possible real world situation. 

Overall it was a very informative & interesting presentation for both Senior Members & Cadet.  It definitely raised the interest and enthusiasm of the cadets to get our program started.  Many thanks to 1st Lt. Kappas for making the trip from Austin.

We would also like to thank Capt. Cameron and cadets from Midway for visiting and enjoying the demonstration.

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